Sunday, May 15, 2016

Review - MagPops

Disclaimer: I received samples of this product free from Social Nature in exchange for my honest review. This review is based upon my personal experience with the product.

MagPop's are a great way to sneak in additional doses of magnesium. The product is fizzy but it didn't fizz up when I added water like I expected. I was also expecting it to be sweet and it wasn't. It did have an orange taste to it which probably does help the magnesium's overall flavor. I didn't enjoy the taste, but I wasn't turned off by it. I found it strange but adaptable. I love the fact that it is vegan.

It is not something that I can see myself taking every day, twice a day,  although it is safe. I would probably use it to supplement the second half of my menstrual cycle to help prevent weight gain and to regulate my menstrual symptoms. This would also be a great supplement for children as magnesium is such an important part of a growing body.

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