Sunday, May 15, 2016

Gardening Season

It has been a busy month. I've spent most of the last month outside doing yard work and getting the garden ready for the upcoming season. After all of the work Mat and his uncle did with the tractor in the fall, there was a bit of rock raking to do before we could lay down some grass seed. After many hours of activity, the majority of the rocks have been removed. Unfortunately, until the grass grows, I will have to pick up rocks all season as the rain reveals them.

The garden has been another mission. After all the digging in the fall, I found myself with an abundance of large rocks on the property. So I decided to make various wide, raised beds, instead of the traditional rows. The grass can grow between them and I will only have to worry about weeding the beds themselves and not the entire plot. This extra bit of work will save me so much time in the future. I spent many days lugging rocks from the area I now call "the quarry" to the garden. The hubby things it looks lovely but dislikes the rocks. He doesn't like anything that might interfere with his mowing, I use the whipper around the garden bed though, so it isn't a problem. He lovingly calls my garden "Stonehenge" now. He said the tourists will flock to see it. What a ham!

I've planted flowers this year. I usually only plant fruits, vegetables and legumes. This year I've planted a few wildflower seed packs from Vessey's Seeds and Cheerios. I've also planted some Lilies, Dahlias and Sunflowers. I have more flowers to plant in the coming month. I've also planted all of my cold weather crops too. My peas, radishes, garlic and onions have already sprouted and are growing nicely. My potatoes and lettuce should soon follow. I'm excited to watch things grow. 

I've also built a fire pit out of the brick from our old chimney. It feels so nice to have a fire pit near the garden. I'm going to be getting some strands of solar lights to hang in the garden. I want to make it more inviting for the night time, that way I can enjoy it more frequently on nights where the moon might not be as visible.

The hubby and I celebrated our anniversary last weekend. We've been together for 14 years. On our adventures, we stopped into a place that sold handcrafts and picked up a beautiful goofy looking owl for the garden. I haven't named him yet. Any suggestions?


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