Friday, February 19, 2016

BrickLoot Box Unveiling - February 2016

Brick Loot is a subscription service that specialize in boxes filled with Lego compatible products. They offer a 1 month and a slightly cheaper 3 month subscription plan. They currently ship to Canada, the US and the UK.

We received our February box from Brick Loot in the mail today. Tyler was pretty excited to receive it. The boys have managed to collect and pretty much fill a large Rubbermaid storage container over the years. He is always happy to add to it.

Tyler and I were both very happy about the Brick Popper. It can be frustrating to remove some of the thinner blocks at times. It was quickly a favourite item. Although, I really think the Comic book tiles were a neat addition. Tyler build the Demon Star first, I think it looks pretty slick and menacing.

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