Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Homemade Sushi - Attempt #1

My entire family loves sushi. There is an amazing Japanese restaurant about a 30 minute drive away from us and we go out and eat there a few times each year, but it can get expensive. Especially since we tend to go all out to make the trip worth while.

For Christmas, my mother and step father gifted us with a sushi kit so we can make it at home. The kit came with an instructional dvd, a book, a bambo mat, a couple really nice pairs of chopsticks, and a couple small wooden boards to present the sushi. The instructional dvd told us everything we needed to know to make all of the basic types of sushi, including the varying ingredients we can explore.

Mat was pumped to make some sushi with me and picked up an extra bamboo mat and some ingredients so we could get started. While he was gone, I got out the rice cooker. I made a couple cups of sticky rice and mixed it with the rice vinegar mixture and fanned it out. We didn't want make too much in case we messed up. This was considered a practice batch. Aside from the odd roll that was stuffed a little too full, we did wonderful for a first attempt. 

Had I known it was going to turn out this good, we would have made a larger batch. I was seriously craving leftovers that evening and the next day.

Most of the ingredients are on the table, prepped. All ready to roll!

We made Sweet potato rolls, Kappa (cucumber) rolls, Avocado rolls and California rolls.

Tyler is growing. His limbs are so long and so is his mangy hair haha. He finally let us cut it this week so he looks far less mangy. He's had a couple small growth spurts this year and I think he's going to stretch out dramatically over the next 12 months.

Mat is determined to be a "sushi expert" I think it's cute. Jeremy wasn't home but we managed to save him a few pieces. It was difficult to do so, we very easily could have finished it all off. 

The Sweet potato rolls turned out the best and we topped them off with some sriracha mayo, for that spicy kick. Mat brought home some teriyaki sauce for dipping but he didn't read the label well and it turns out it was made with Chinese soy which was too salty for sushi. I made that mistake once before when I ran out of soy sauce. It was terrible! Japanese soy is so much sweeter.

I can't wait to make another batch. This time, I'm going to make a lot!

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