Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Adventures of Steve - Day 7 through 12 #ElfOnTheShelf

Steve has been up to lots of mischief this week. But no matter what antics he finds himself a involved in, we love having him around.

Game night tonight with the melty things! #stevetheelf #christmas2015 #elfontheshelf

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Snack time with the big guy! #Stevetheelf #elfontheshelf #christmas2015

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Review: Read My Lips Lipstick #teezings

I was really happy to be among those selected to receive the Teeez Trend Cosmetics Glamsense box from TopBox. I love trying out new products and makeup is fun.  

When the package arrived, I had to take a minute to appreciate the packaging. The Teeez Trend Cosmetics box itself, is lovely and I plan on reusing it as a container for all of my makeup brushes. The packing for the lipstick itself is a work of art. I appreciate that. The colour of the lipstick is stunning. I love red lipstick, it is my colour and this shade is perfect.

The application was a little more challenging. The lipstick is plenty smooth but does not apply easily. The easiest work around for this is to prep my lips with a tiny amount of balm. It glides on my lips like a skate on ice with a little balm.

The lipstick does last 8+ hours like the product promises. In fact, to test it out, I wore it for a few hours and then wore it to bed. When I woke up my lips were still red, not quite as red as they were when I went to sleep. But they were still pigmented and I had been wearing it for over 12 hours at this point. In case you are wondering, the lipstick stayed on my lips and not on my pillow. I think the trick was wearing it for a few hours first.

I discovered that it was a good idea to keep some balm on hand to hydrate my lips on occassion. It refreshed the look of the lipstick as well. In the end though, balm or no balm, I absolutely adore the Read My Lips Lipstick in Red by Teeez Trend Cosmetics.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from TopBox and Teeez Trend Cosmetics for review purposes, as part of the Glam Sense program. All opinions are my own and are based upon my experience with the product. 

Sunday, December 6, 2015