Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Zucchini Pizza Bites

I decided to make myself some Zucchini Pizza Bites, they were really easy to make. Because my youngest and I haven't been eating meat, I've been looking for alternative meals and snacks to make us. I also have a lot of zucchini in my garden to put to use. I gifted a couple to a friend a few days ago and she suggested that I make some zucchini pizzas. Since I had no pizza sauce on hand, I decided to use some salsa. I have to say that Newman's Own Black Bean & Corn Salsa is the BEST salsa I have ever had. You can read my review of Newman's Own Salsa here.

I oiled the pan, cut a few zucchini slices and then placed a dollap of salsa on each piece of zucchini. At this point you can add whatever pizza toppings you like. Since the salsa had so many great ingredients already in it, I opted to just add some feta. This salsa is so good, it's like chili. Seriously.

Isn't it pretty. The feta is Saputo brand. Love the way it crumbles.

I put them in the over until the bottoms were browned slightly. It took less than 10 minutes on 375. Just keep an eye on it, it depends on your oven. They turned out to be quite delicious. 

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