Monday, October 5, 2015

Begging for Breakfast

Last week my youngest son decided that he wanted to take steps towards Vegetarianism. I decided that the best way to support him was to take these steps with him. I've been quite curious about the lifestyle myself and have some Vegan friends who are there for additional support and advice about healthy eating. 

My husband and other son are still eating meat but they have decided to incorporate more Vegetarian meals into their diet. 

Tyler and I decided that we will not eat red meat, or chicken but we are still at this time having small amounts of seafood on occasion. We are also still eating eggs and dairy right now, but will choose alternatives to eggs and dairy if they are available to us at the time. Baby steps, but I'm proud. He is a very compassionate child and I want to encourage him. 

The last week, I've been working on getting my eating and portions in check. For breakfast, each day, I've had Oatmeal, with plain Greek yogurt and frozen wild blueberries. I sprinkle chia seeds on top.

My furry companion was very interested in my breakfast this morning. He's a cute one. We could probably teach him circus tricks for food. He loves food.

Would you be willing to alter your diet for your children?

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