Thursday, September 17, 2015

Last Night's Sunset

It was another peaceful night in the country. I moved the wood from the tiny house garden to the big garden plot. I'm going to miss having it so close to the house, but everything is being dug up and the patio just got taken down today. The wood is half rotten but I made a bed with it anyway, I want to replace it with proper lumber in the spring, perhaps even in the fall if I get a little ahead financially. 

We get beautiful sunsets around here. I sit out on the hill time sometimes and I watch the sun set. Some nights, I can hear the ocean, lulling. 

I started drawing again last night. I'm not an excellent artist by any means. But, I'm creative and that helps. I'm currently working on a catalog of objects. I have future plans, but that is all I can say. It sounds super mysterious, doesn't it. 

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