Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy Mail Days!

I've always loved getting things in the mail. I've enjoyed it for as long as I remember. When I was a child, I was exhilarated to discover a letter from a pen pal. As an adult, I love receiving new products to test, samples and coupons from companies and even the occasional contest win.

Today I received my Bzz Kit in the mail for Cover Girl Super Sizer Mascara. I also received 6 decent value coupons to give away to 6 of my friends. I really excited to try this out. It won't be today though. I'm in PJ mode and I'm doing a coconut oil treatment on my hair. My scalp has needed it for quite some time.

I also received  this pack of Ultra Clean Washable Markers from Crayola. I filled out a form a while back to receive them and they finally arrived. These probably won't be for the kids though. We've already taken care of their school supplies. These are for me. I love to get creative in my journal entries and I had been lacking colours. Not anymore. Thanks to Bzz Agent, Covergirl and Crayola for making my day a little brighter and a lot more colourful.

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