Monday, August 24, 2015

Garden Update #2

Above is my lettuce patch. There are other greens in this patch, like Swiss Chards and Arugula - which I've been calling Christina Arugula all season long. The second run of Christina Arugula is growing nicely, as shown below.

The garlic looks wonderful and the Scapes are ready to harvest. In the past, I would remove them and throw them out. I didn't realize that they are essentially the first harvest. Once you remove the woodier part of the stock you can use the remainder of the stock and the bulb, the same as you would use garlic. Delicious!

It is time to harvest my ginger mint plant. I plan on drying some out and also freezing some. It is nice to have options and I think I might mince and freeze some in ice cube trays for mojitos.  

The potatoes are growing so good in the pallet box that I built. I can't wait to see what it yields. Below you can see the progress of some of my raised beds. Some of the onions have fallen over because my dog keeps running through. Menace... garden menace.

I usually pick the onion blossoms and put them in a vase in the dining room. Below you can see a harvest of peas. I managed to get these peas from the back up bed that the dog didn't munch on. He has a taste for peas, beets, beans and lettuce. I have to keep an eye on him.

I'll snap some more pics in a week or two. I really have to get out back and pick some blueberries while they are still in season. I like to freeze them and use them in my oatmeal.

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