Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bad Dog!

I went outside with the intention of checking in on all of my garden plots. I thought I would take some photos because it has been a couple weeks since my last photo update. Instead, I discovered that the dog had destroyed/eaten almost every single pea plant in the house plot. He had already destroyed all of the beans in the front row over the last couple weeks and fortunately he hasn't discovered the 3 backup bean plants that I planted in the very back. Last night, it would appear, he developed a taste for peas.

I gathered all of the peas off of the uprooted, mangled plants. I'll clean and cook what I was able to salvage for supper; so it doesn't go to waste. Sad though, they were doing fantastic and looked like they would be yield lots. 

I'm really glad that I planted pea plants in the main garden area, as well. *Le sigh*

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