Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gardening - The Season is Upon Us

Last week, I picked up a few herbs at Dayton Fruit Stand and a bunch of seeds. I gathered Dill, Basil, Sage, Chives and Parsley. I have plenty of Oregano at home and I frequently harvest, dry, grind it and store it in Mason jars.

I wasn't planning on growing parsley this year but I found a seed pack for asparagus. Asparagus is a perennial and parsley helps deter asparagus beetle so I thought it was a good idea to pick some up. I'm trying to focus more on perennials aside from my normal vegetable annuals. It's nice to have things that return each year as the earth awakens after the winter.

This is a good start, I will keep everything in my south-facing kitchen window until the weather warms up. In the meantime, I will stick to getting the soil ready for the cool weather crops I will soon plant.

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