Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gardening - Garden In A Bag

Have you heard of Garden in Bag? At Christmas time, I received one from my bestie. She spoiled me this year actually, I certainly didn't feel deserving of it but I was grateful. I've seen these online but I hadn't tried them out before and I'll admit, I was very curious. 

Now that gardening season is upon us, I finally opened up the bag. Inside the bag was a pouch full of dirt, some lavender seeds and some cedar chips to place at the bottom of the bag for drainage. 

I spread the chips evenly along the bottom of the bag and then emptied the pouch of soil into the bag. Afterwards I scattered the seeds and covered them lightly with soil.

The instructions recommend that you cover your new little garden with plastic in a warm location until the seeds sprout and then afterwards you can remove the plastic and place in a nice sunny spot.

It has been in my kitchen for about a week now, I'm noticing a little bit of sprouting. After a few more days it should be ready to put in the window sill. I'll take some pictures later on in the season so you can see how  it has developed. 

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