Monday, April 20, 2015

Gardening - Build a Potato Box using Pallets

We normally have a fair amount of pallets around the property. Not all of them are in great condition, but I like to re-purpose the wood whenever possible. I've been interested in building a potato bin to grow a lot of potatoes in a small space. I removed the nails from a couple of pallets and kept the frame of one of them intact. I then affixed a couple of 2x2's to the frame and to it I nailed the wood that I salvaged.


As you can see, it is far from perfect. That's okay though, it will still serve its purpose just fine. I'm not worried about any soil escaping through the cracks either as there will be a layer of hay between the dirt inside and the wood. 

I've moved the box to it's seasonal home and I have filled the bottom in with rocks for drainage. I will be covering the outside of the base with dirt. I still haven't added any dirt or potatoes to the creation. I will add more wood to the sides as I fill the box up with dirt throughout the season. The next nice day, I will go out and finish the job. I will put a nice layer of compost, some manure and then some seed potatoes and I will cover them with dirt. Each time they grow above the soil, I will cover them with more dirt. I will post pictures throughout the season as the sidewalls grow in height. I can't wait to see the potato plants bursting from the very top of the box. 


  1. This year at the Spring Gardening Show, I vacated the relative warmth/roof over my head of the Severn Hall, and worked instead in the permanent Learning Garden.

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