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Review - Organic Collection from Steeped Tea

I LOVE TEA!! There I said it. I have a tea cupboard in my kitchen. I try to keep it stocked. By stocked, I mean the entire cupboard should be stuffed with a large variety of tea. I start to panic when I get low on supply. Low on supply for me is probably way more tea than a normal person has in their cupboard. I like to an assortment of organic teas on hand to offer company and really, there is a tea for every person, for every mood, for every season.

Christa Jones is an independent consultant for Steeped Tea. She sent me her Organic Tea Collection, which comes with 6 different teas, a tiny spoon and small round tea infuser. Each package is marked with brewing instructions and steep times.

Steeped Tea Product Review

Tropical Mango Sensation - White Tea: This was the first one I tried, I love tropical fruit. I enjoyed the banana and mango pieces. The tea was sweet on its own so I didn't need any sweetener. The tea was very pleasant.

Bergamot Sencha - Green Tea, Organic: This green tea had the full bodied flavor of green tea tips with a light dash of Bergamot for a nice uplifting aroma. This is a perfect afternoon tea. Green tea is an antioxidant and it can help boost your metabolism. I never used to like it growing up because the taste of the leaves can be strong and acquired. I find I'm enjoying it more as I age, the last couple years especially. I love this blend and the essence of bergamot, this tea would be perfect for winter or a rainy day when you need your spirits raised.

Nettle Greek Mountain - Herbal Tea, Organic: This is a perfect afternoon tea. It smells so good. My friend Steffie and I had some out in the garden yesterday. It strongly appealed to both of us. I really enjoy the blend and it is definitely a tea I could see myself drinking regularly when I need a nice moment of me time.

Ginger Chai - Black Tea, Organic: This tea smells and tastes amazing, I'm a fan of Ginger and I love Chai Tea so I was quite excited when I pulled this tea out of the box, the ginger intermingles with the Chai beautifully.

Orange Marmalade - Black Tea, Organic: This tea is divine. It is the perfect breakfast tea with a hint of citrus. I really enjoy this blend. In fact, as I write this I'm drinking a cup.

Pink Hibiscus - Rooibos Tea, Organic: Rooibos tea isn't generally my favorite type of tea. It is very earthy, I love the smell of the Pink Hibiscus a great deal, in fact, its scent currently dominates a body wash I am currently using. Rooibos still isn't my favorite but this blend is more enjoyable than previous blends.

LOVE TEA?? Interested in becoming an Independent Steeped Tea Consultant? Perhaps you would like to host an online tea party as well? Please get in contact with Christa at

Feel free to browse through the tea collection and order something, This IS a tea party after all. There are nearly 100 varieties. If you are having problems making a selection, Christa often recommends the teas on page 30. If you make a purchase, you are eligible for another 10 entries in the giveaway. Make sure that you UNCHECK "Ship to Host" so that you can enter your own shipping address. If you place an order it will not be shipping until the Online Party has closed,  which will be in approximately 3 weeks. 

You may also join our Facebook Online Tea Party event and invite your friends.

Christa has offered the same Organic Tea Collection that I have reviewed to one lucky Canadian reader. The value is approximately $35. You can enter via the Rafflecopter form below. Good Luck everyone!

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Disclaimer: I received this organic tea product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and I based upon my personal experience with the product. Your experience will differ! Depending on how many orders are received during this tea party, I may receive a discount towards my next purchase. Perhaps, you could host a party too and invite all of your friends! Or invite them to mine :)

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