Friday, July 11, 2014

How to Freeze Green Onions

This year, I grew a bunch of onions. In fact, the onion every other vegetable ratio is a little askew. I grew 2 different varieties of onion as well. I grew red onion shallots, yellow onion shallots and onion multipliers.

I'm constantly cutting back the greens. I use some every day in cooking and I give some away to friends whenever they drop in. It is at the point where I need to harvest a bunch of greens so they don't go to waste and there is no way I can use them up quickly enough. 

It's time to freeze the greens. 

I filled up a large container with some greens I had cut back. As you can see I barely made a dent, you can also see that I need to get out there and do some weeding. Don't mind the empty spaces, I pulled the odd plant out as needed. Most of them will mature into full grown onions though.

  • Washing the green onions in a solution of vinegar and water, to free them from dirt and other bugs that may have been carried inside. 
  • After the veggies have been washed, dice them and place them on a baking sheet or parchment paper on a baking sheet and lay them in the freezer for a couple hours or until half frozen.
  • Afterwards, place the green onions inside a freezer bag. 
  • Don't forget to mark the date that they were prepared and frozen on the bag.

Have any other tips for freezing green onions? Do you do something differently? Please feel free to share your thoughts and advice in the comments below.

Tip: Onions soften after they have thawed, so they are best used in dishes that require cooked onions.

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