Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Strolling through the Garden

It's that time of year. Things are growing quite rapidly and you will begin to see photo diaries of some of the things I'm growing. I may even snap occasional photos of things I see in nature or other people's gardens. The blossoms are opening and I am amazed at how much abundance there is this year. This season brings the promise of bountiful harvests.

Nova Scotia Blackberry Blossoms

We have a lot of Blackberries that grow around the property. This blossom was the first that I've encountered this year. Lots of them are just about ready to blossom though. Soon there will be berries.

Growing Lettuce Raised Bed

Not many of my lettuce seeds sprouted this year via direct sowing. I ended up successfully sprouting some seeds at the house and then planting them in trays. The little guy was one of the two plants that actually grow from those that were directly sown.  

Regrow celery easy

Whenever I pick up celery I try to regrow it. I stick it in water for a few days and then when it starts to grow I plant it. I also have another celery plant that is growing on my window sill. I hate to waste them when I know that they will grow. I can't wait to harvest homegrown veggies!

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