Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Back in the Garden ♥

I got so many things done today. I started off my morning by raking up the rocks in our yard where we dug up the well a couple months back. This way the grass can grown and we don't have to worry about running over rocks with the lawn mower.

Afterwards I dug a hole near my garden for my oregano. I added composted manure and then transplanted the oregano. It can freely grow and take over in it's new home. I also added a new oregano to this patch along with the rooting system from the old transplant.

Then I dug two holes for a couple high bush blueberry plants and I also composted it well. I planted a bunch of seeds as well. My first round of peas is in the ground. I will add another round of seeds in about 2 weeks and I will plant continually until the end of June. I also a bunch of cold weather crops like Kale, Lettuce and Chards.

I picked up some beet seeds when I was in town today as well as some Red onion shallots. They will be a couple weeks behind the yellow onion shallot that I have growing in the larger garden area. Every time I find myself at the garden center, I feel like I'm home. I just wander around, dreaming up all kinds of garden ideas.

The yellow shallots, potato onions/multipliers and garlic that I planted a couple weeks ago, have begun to grow. It is so exciting to see new life growing in the garden again. I love to see everything wake up.

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