Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fuzzers and Her Cat Box

Over the holidays, we discovered that our cat really enjoyed boxes. She adopted us a few years back and we've tried to place her in boxes before but only larger boxes that we thought she would like. We hadn't tried smaller boxes.

Fuzzers is very temperamental, her moods flicker frequently and quickly. She is often growling at people and will swat and hiss at us as we walk by her. She has a disdain for other animals, especially other cats. I don't think she socialized much as a kitten and this might account for some of her complete inability to play with other cats. She tolerates our other cat Mange, barely.

Just before New Years, she was having a particularly terrible day. We usually end up trying various things to lift her spirits before granting her time alone. Mat had enough of her being sour and put her in a box. He figured that she would just hop out, hiss and go on her not-so-merry way. Much to his surprise, she began to nestle inside the box.

We brought the box downstairs and placed it on top of one of our chairs. She would stay in this box for lengthy periods of time. She eventually became drowsy and tried to nap but Fuzzers isn't very good at napping sitting up. The box was so small that she couldn't lay down. She tried on various occasions, but she would always give up and go back to napping whilst sitting.

We eventually upgraded her to a children's shoe box. It is large enough that she can lay down and small enough that she still feels safe and secure. We even wrote her name on the box. Mat drew a "happy cat" face on it. I giggle whenever I look at it.

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