Thursday, December 12, 2013

To Halifax and Back Again

It has been snowing for the last couple days. We have been using the time to get the house ready for the approaching holiday season.  We've been planning for a few months to replace the large projector screen television in the living room with a nice slim LED screen this Christmas. We pretty much ran the projector screen to the ground and no one was watching TV in the living room anymore because we all had nicer televisions in our bedrooms. I am also in need of a new stove. It is an archaic monster. I'm scared to think how much additional power we have been consuming because of these old appliances.

When we moved in a few years back we renovated the top half of our house because the bathrooms and bedrooms needed it the most. Our plans were to save some money and then renovated the downstairs. Since the plans to renovate the kitchen were in the near future we had planned on replacing the kitchen appliances after the renovations were complete. Unfortunately the stove never made it that far.

The hubby managed to find a Samsung LED 60 inch television for $700 on Kijiji. It was only a year old and it comes from a family who took really good care of it. The plastic was still on the television, my husband keeps the plastic on everything so it looks new longer, he was ecstatic when he found out. He also managed to find me a nice second hand flat top stove for $100. These purchases are going towards the "house" presents.

He is on route to the city today. It was too windy for him to be on the water, he decided to brave the weather and drive carefully to Halifax so he can pick up these goodies. I'm spending today making Christmas decorations with the youngest boy. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

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