Tuesday, December 10, 2013

They Dream of Snow Days

In the last couple hours we've had a light dusting of snow and the children are convinced that they are going to have the day off of school. I remember being that young and wishing that mom would pop her head into my room in the morning to tell me that school was cancelled today. There is nothing more exciting to a child then the possibility of a snow day. In fact, a snow day to a child is much like a severely windy day for the hubby right now. The possibility of spending the day at home instead of putting in a rough day on the ocean can be wondrous. Unfortunately, the down side to all of the excitement is the disappointment when school/work is still on for the day. 

On another note, the hubby is very pleased that he mowed the lawn so late in the year. He loves how the snow lays upon it when the grass is short and well kept. He has already been caught gazing out the window in admiration and further commenting on how nice it looks on the well trimmed lawn.

The youngest boy wanted to run outside to make snow angels but the snow is still too wet. Perhaps he will have a chance later in the week when it gets colder. Instead, the kettle is on and mugs of hot cocoa we are sharing while the snow covers the land; and the blue jay's peck the paint off my house.

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