Monday, December 2, 2013

Growing Windowsill Garlic - Pt.2

The weather calmed enough yesterday for me to brave trips to the garage to work in the soil for bit. I have more cloves of garlic then I can plant indoors. I can easily have plants everywhere in the home, but it aggravates my husband because I'm "turning the house into a dirt land, plant nursery."

Now I admit, perhaps I've been extreme in years past. The first year after we moved home from the city did involved some indoor gardening growing pains. But, the dining room isn't a green house anymore. There aren't containers covering every square inch of it anymore. I've gotten much better, I swear! MUCH better. 

Since I have more cloves than I could realistically plant indoors, I grabbed 3 containers large enough that I could plant two cloves in each container. If I were only planting one clove per container, I could plant in a large coffee tin, providing it was at least 8 inches deep. The depth allows room for the root system to flourish. The coffee tins are just large enough for my window sill. Instead, I planted in a slightly larger container. 

It is important to plant your garlic in well-drained soil. It is even helpful to mix your soil with some sand for better drainage. Plant your cloves 4 inches from the edge of the container, space the cloves 4 inches from each other.

I kept a bunch of sprouted cloves in the glass jar and I will use the deliciously mild garlic greens in everyday recipes. 

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