Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Voice of Winter

Happy December 1st! It's gross, isn't it. Hey, I'm not thrilled either! I'm not a fan of cold temperatures, especially cold winds. The faster winter gets its business done, the sooner the warm weather will follow. I am a sun baby and I can't wait for it to return. Whenever it is cold out, I very quickly close my eyes and imagine that I am somewhere warm.

It's too cold to mess in the dirt outside now, my hands freeze. I want to mess in the dirt, it beckons me. I usually end up trying to grow the odd thing inside. When we extend the house, I might have a nice sun room and it will be my little wintertime plant sanctuary.

Don't get me wrong, I may hate on the cold, but I do find winter beautiful. I enjoy winter activities like sledding, ice skating and a good old fashioned snow ball fight. I appreciate the ebb and flow of the seasons. I love a nice wood stove heating my home and the feeling of wood heat. I love smelling all of the baked goods and I love spreading holiday cheer. I love the smell of winter, the crispness in the air. Winter has a voice; a sound-deadening hush. Nature is sleeping and I am in a snow cave.

I do like the holiday season, I've been tinkering around with some Christmas songs for a couple different Christmas parties that I will be performing at this month. It has helped to get me in the spirit of things. I still haven't really decorated and I really want to string some lights. Hopefully, I will be able to get that mission accomplished mid-week. Right now it's time to put some wood in the fire.

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