Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Holidays are Coming

The holidays are fast approaching. I haven't made it my mission to make the house look seasonal yet. I have one strand of lights framing a doorway and a couple table ornaments out. Most of our strings of light need replacing this year. So, I won't bother going nuts with the decorating until then.

The return of the season also means that the hubby will be back on the water. He lobster fishes for the first part of the season, which is the busiest time. It means a big shift in the household routine for about 6 weeks and weird hours for him. It's also pretty dangerous work and I worry about him a lot. 

In the first couple of weeks, anytime at home is desperately spent trying to catch up on lost hours of sleep while you suffer through the body aches. I try to make things as easy for him as I can around here. He really enjoys the holiday season so I want to really give him a nice holiday ambience to come home to. Something that says, family and love. 

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