Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Birth of the Phoenix, Part 1

My tattoo outline is completed. I'm super excited about it. It is the first step in the slaying of the dragon and soon when the shading has been completed, it will be no more.

Danielle at Riot Styles in Yarmouth, NS is the tattoo artist and I love her work. Her lines are beautiful. I return at the end of January for shading. I can't wait to see it completed, you aren't even going to know that dragon was there. I'm already trying to think of ideas for the other arm.

I'm really fortunate that my tattoos, or rather - mistakes from my teenage years, aren't uncoverable. For years, I've worn them with shame because I didn't like them. I'm so happy to have something that so much thought was put into, with an artist that was sought out. I'm grateful.

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