Saturday, November 30, 2013

Growing Windowsill Garlic Pt.1

If you read my post: Don't Play With Sharp Things, you might remember that I recently stabbed my finger with a wooden skewer stick while wrestling with a piece of ginger. What I didn't mention was, I had also found a piece of garlic which also happened to take root in a plastic baggie. 

I carefully separated each clove from the bulb. I placed them in a cup on my windowsill, seated in small amount of frequently changed water. I will plant them in soil later on in the week. I might even keep a couple cloves growing in water just to see the difference in growth between them. I won't grow a full bulb of garlic from the ones kept in water but I will at least be able to use the mild tasting garlicky greens in cooking.

To Be Continued!

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