Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dumping Day for District 34

There is a very good chance that you've never heard of Dumping Day, it could be a National Holiday where everyone goes to the Garbage Dump and gets rid of their undesirables. It could also be the end result of a taco eating competition. Fortunately, for everyone, it is neither of these things.

Dumping Day is well known to the locals on the South-Western tip of Nova Scotia. It is the very first day of Lobster Fishing in District 34 and Lobster Fishing is the life blood of this community. It is probably the most dangerous day of the year as the lobster boats are piled high with pots ready to be "dumped" into the ocean. Most of the boats have all of their gear split into two loads because they can't fit it all on the boat at once. This isn't a problem for the larger vessels.

The hubby brought me out to the wharf last night on our way home after a gig in town and I tried to grab a picture but we left before I had the chance to grab a good one and I didn't speak up.

He's out on the water today, he's been up since 4 this morning and should be back fairly soon to sleep. They can officially start hauling up the pots after midnight tonight. He'll be home long enough to sleep for a couple short hours and then he will be back on the water. He'll be a sore, cold, smelly man when he comes home. After I hand him a bar of soap, wash his clothes and pack him enough food to get him through what will most likely be a 20 hour day tomorrow, it will be time for him to get up again.

If you ever sit down with some lobster, or seafood in general, remember all of the hard work that goes into putting it on the table in the first place. I'm grateful each day for the safety of the men and women out there on the water.

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