Saturday, November 23, 2013

Don't Play With Sharp Things!

A few days ago, while in my kitchen, I found a piece of ginger growing in a sandwich baggie. Naturally, the hobby gardener within me saw an opportunity to grow something in my window over the winter.

It was a windy, messy day outside. My husband and I had both had wind induced nightmares throughout the night.   I didn't sleep very well throughout and found myself returning to bed after I sent the kids off to school. This happens often, since Mat and I are both night owls and creatively accomplish much more after the children go to sleep. After a couple hours of sleep I had a bad dream that left me upset, anxious and a little angry with my spouse. I knew it was a dream and I wasn't really upset with him, but I was so disturbed by the dream that I couldn't stay in bed with him. I needed to get out and calm down. 

My motions were laced with anxious haste. I went down stairs and quickly put last nights clean dishes away. The wind was blowing and the house was cold. I started a fire in the woodstove and went back into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. This brings me to the ginger...

I picked it up and decided that I would place it on the windowsill in a container with some water. Our well water is hard so it is filled with minerals and has a great ph balance. I didn't want the ginger to sit right in the water though. I want the roots to work for their water. I took a wooden skewer stick and pierced it through the ginger. It wouldn't push all the way through, I broke the stick in half. I thought I could push the other half into the other side so I could rest the sticks on the edge of the container, holding the ginger above the water slightly. While breaking the stick in half, I stabbed myself in the finger and gave myself a fairly deep wound. I'm on the mend now, but it serves me right for being hasty. The time would have been much better spent calming down, maybe a walk in the wind.

I did stand in the middle of the garden in between bouts of rain, just before the skewer stabbing. The balmy wind was powerful and threatened to blow me away. It felt invigorating, maybe even slightly unsettling... But that could be the lingering feeling of dark dreams. 

The moral of the story is simple:

No matter how much you like to grow things, if you feel stormy like the weather outside, don't play with sharp things. 

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