Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crest Pro-Health

Disclaimer: This is not an organic/natural product. I am a Bzz Agent and I get to try out these products as part of a Bzz Campaign and share my honest opinion about the products I received.

I've never been a Crest user. When it comes to toothpastes, I've used Arm and Hammer and Colgate in the past. I also dislike and quite frequently avoid products containing strong chemicals and toothpaste is no exception. I often opt for safer, yet often less effective polishes. My grandmother has perfect teeth and has been cavity free for decades and she just uses baking soda. I on the other hand have nice teeth but I am terrified to lose them. As a child my mouth was ridden with cavities. I brushed twice a day, I flossed but it didn't seem to help... But my sugar intake was terrible. Who let me have all that sugar anyway?

The Oral B: Pro Health tooth brush is probably one of the best toothbrushes I have ever used. It feels like it is cleaning my entire mouth space without missing a single bit. 

The Crest Pro Health toothpaste leaves my mouth feeling extraordinarily fresh and clean. The flavour is minty and fresh but not overbearing like other toothpastes I have tried in the past. It has little flavour freshness Crystal's that remind me of those mint strips that would melt on your tongue. My teeth do feel much cleaner after this combination. 

Last but not least, the mouthwash. This alcohol free mouthwash, doesn't have the best aftertaste. I don't care for the fact that I can't eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after I use it. Most likely so I don't swallow any residue... At least that is my assumption. It does work and although i don't personally care for the aftertaste, it still leaves my mouth fresh and clean. 

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