Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gardening - Growing Celery from Scraps

This celery was planted from scraps in my kitchen

Potatoes, onions, celery and ginger are a few examples of things that you can grow from scraps in your kitchen. We go through about 1 bunch of celery each week when we make our weekly Greek salad, so I have had a couple potential candidates on hand to replant. Remove the base of your celery leaving an inch or two at the bottom. You can let it air dry for a couple hours or plant it directly in the ground leaving the very top of the plant only partially covered. You will soon notice new celery leaves forming. The picture above was taken after only having been planted a couple weeks ago. This would be ideal for container gardening as well. 

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  1. ooo yes yes, and i tried potato too, that one worked, and i harvested 6 mini potatoes in one month (cause i planted it too late). but i'm planning to try again. :) it's fun!