Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Alternative Protein Bar (ALT) from @Larabar

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Larabar just recently launched a new bar made with Pea Protein, each bar contains 10 grams of protein. They are Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher, Dairy Free and all of the ingredients are Non-GMO. The Alternative Protein Bar (ALT) is currently only available to customers in the United States, I can't wait until this product makes it's way to Canada.

The four new bars arrived in the little drawstring bag shown above. Out of the four varieties of Larabar I received, peanuts are the primary nut source; with the exception of the Lemon Pound Cake ALT Bar which  contains almonds. All of the ingredients are simple and of good quality, for example, the Pumpkin Pie ALT Bar is made with:

Dates, Pea Protein, Peanuts, Brown Rice Syrup, Brown Rice Flour, Dried Pumpkin, Sunflower Oil, Spice

The Cinnamon Apple Crisp ALT Bar from Larabar contains 210 calories, 230 mg of Potassium and this bar is low in Sodium at only 20 mg per serving. The Cinnamon Apple Crisp ALT Bar contains 1/4 cup of Fruit, Total Carbohydrates per serving is 30g and total Dietary Fiber is 3g.

I love how Larabar appropriately names all of their flavors, they are so true to my expectations of how each of these things should taste. The Lemon Pound Cake ALT Bar tastes like Lemon Pound Cake, the Peanut Butter Cookie ALT Bar tastes like a Peanut Butter Cookie; and so on. Another thing I love about Larabar is their commitment to sustainability. Each wrapper is made with 31% plant-based material. Larabar has partnered with Terracycle. What exactly does this mean? If you send your wrappers back to the company, they will be recycled or upcycled into various products. 

The bars are made with dates as the dominate ingredient, if you aren't a date lover you may not like the product but I encourage you to give them a try because the consistency and flavor is really quite something. I would recommend the Pumpkin Pie ALT Bar or Peanut Butter Cookie ALT Bar, it has a very nutty consistency with all of the peanuts and the peanut butter flavor masks the taste of the dates quite a bit. I personally enjoy dates and have fond memories of eating date cookies in my grandmother's kitchen as a child.

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Disclaimer: I received samples of this product for the purpose of my review. The opinions written here are my own and are based upon my personal product, your experience may vary. 

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