Friday, April 5, 2013

#Review - Blue Water Seafood

I recently received a coupon from Blue Water Seafood to try out one of their Gluten Free products. Unfortunately, there was a limited selection at my local grocery store and none of the Grill Fish was available to purchase. The grill fish is the gluten free product. So instead I selected the Simply Bake variety in garlic and herb. I moderate my gluten as a lifestyle choice because I feel better and tend to eat healthy overall when I eat small amounts of various types of foods. While this product is unfortunately not gluten free, I like Blue Water Seafood because they are committed to sustainable business practices. It is important to the company that minimal harm is made to the environments from where the seafood is sourced. Preservation is important and they claim to be proactive with their practices.

The box comes with two servings of fish each packaged in a single serving bake perfect bag designed to lock in the flavour. You preheat your oven to 350°F and leave it on the middle rack for about 30 minutes. The bag very clearly indicates against microwaving or piercing the bag. It wasn't long before the smell of garlic and herbs filled the house. The sauce blended beautifully with the Greek salad, I opted out of salad dressing altogether. I mixed up my salad with the fish sauce and it was very flavourful. The fish was delicious tasted fresh. Mat and I were both a little disappointed with the portion size, we agreed that they should either include more portions or larger portion sizes at the very least. 

My cat really enjoyed what he smelled as well. I had to make sure I was very careful rinsing out the bake perfect bag because my cat kept trying to retrieve it from the garbage bag. It should be said that this cat is the stray that recently adopted us and he has a strong liking for table scraps. In fact, we often call him "Table Scraps Cat" although his name is "Sal Tumor: Adventurer at Large."

Disclaimer: I received a free product coupon from Blue Water Seafood to try out one of their products. The opinions on this blog are my own, your experience may differ.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cryss's Beanstalk

I've been raising plants indoors again, not as many as that one winter I nearly drove Mat crazy because I had the dining room almost completely full of planting pots. It probably wouldn't have been so bad if the cat hadn't been acting out and using the planting pots as a litter box. I didn't grow any plants inside last year because of it. 'Phoenix the Warrior Nun' has settled down a little bit over the last couple years though, so as the weather from cold to hot and back again, I've decided to play with plant life.

I planted the veggies a couple weeks apart from one another for a slightly staggered growth, this will prolong the harvest season. I also still plan on starting many plants outdoors, when the ground is warm enough.

The bean plants growing on my kitchen window sill are a couple weeks behind the one pictured above. If you look outside my kitchen window you will see two pallets, those pallets will be lush with life in a couple months. I can hardly wait! I will be putting a 50/50 ratio of potting soil and native soil in the pallet beds. You know, as a grown woman, I still possess a very vivid imagination. I picture that I'm the giant at the end of the beanstalk. Except, I would gladly share my golden eggs with you Jack (or Jill). The hen stay here though... after all, she likes it here.