Sunday, March 31, 2013

Back in the Garden

It is time to return to the garden, I have been waiting for this all winter long. We've had a few warm spells that have allowed me to go out a get some digging done while the ground was soft. I have already added some potash to the soil, I still need to add fertilizer. Once I have added the fertilizer I will shape my rows.

I plan on building a fence this year, I need to do it. I promised myself that I would. Mat said he would help me. Last year, the animals gave me a hard time. The larger garden out back was a food storage closet to much of the areas wildlife, it would seem. The small pallet beds that I have directly behind the house did well;  because no animal in their right mind aside from my cats (who we lovingly refer to as Phoenix the Warrior Nun and the Mangy Ol' Stray) dare to creep around this lively homestead. The deer and the birds only come so close and then we somehow manage to startle them.