Thursday, September 20, 2012

#Review - Aloe Cadabra Personal Lubricant #Adult-Oriented @aloecadabra

The majority of water based personal lubricants on the market are filled with various chemicals. Personally speaking, I don't want any of those chemicals coming near my lady parts. I have sensitive skin and I found that over the years my sensitivity to synthetic ingredients has only increased. No one mentioned that I would also be sensitive to the ingredients in every single lube I've tried. No one talks about that stuff, they should.

Years ago Astroglide lube used to be a favorite of ours. Over time, I found myself increasingly uncomfortable with each use... too much heat uncomfortable.  I had similar experiences with K-Y Jelly and Wet. I stopped using lubricants all together, opting to just be careful and risk harm to my body because the alternative weighed heavier.

A month ago, I stumbled upon Aloe Cadabra. They sell a water based Aloe Vera lubricant made with natural and safe ingredients. It is marketed towards woman experiencing vaginal dryness menopause, or anyone who is looking for silicone free or petroleum free lubricant. Fortunately, I will not experience the menopausal life changes for a few more years and my vagina has been functioning just fine to my knowledge, again - no one talks about these things. I approached Aloe Cadabra curious about this toy friendly lube and I wondered how it measured up to its toxic competition.

Aloe Cadabra comes in 4 varieties. I got to try the Tahitian Vanilla variety which has a very subtle aroma. I love that this lube is sweetened with Organic Stevia; everything in this lube is food grade. This lubricant made from Organic Aloe is also PH balanced for a woman's body.

The lubricant isn't completely clear like most others on the market. It is pale yellow, cloudy and almost honey-like. It isn't sticky and clean up is a breeze. I'm thrilled that this product doesn't deliver the same "chemical burning sensation" that other lubes so lovingly provide. This product is fantastic and I will definitely be a return customer.

You can reach out to Aloe Cadabra on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: I received a couple bottles of this water based aloe product to sample for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and are based upon my personal product experience. Your experience may differ. I received no additional compensation for this review.

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