Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cucumber Trellis Town and the English Cucumber

I've harvested a little over a third of my potatoes. I've been away a lot this summer and when I returned from the New Glasgow Jubilee with my hubby and his band a lot of my potato plants were sun scalded. Animals had been at the exposed potatoes and the leaves had already started to whither and die because they were reaching maturity. I planted the potatoes in 3 batches this year and the first batch was ready.  So, I dug up all of the plants from batch #1 and used the remaining dirt to bury the next 2 batches of potatoes so they don't get scalded by the sun. You lose a few potatoes when that happens.

Cucumber Trellis Town is producing a wonderful yield of cucumbers. I have been fortunate enough to eat a fresh cucumber salad every day for the last week. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to keep away from the salt and as a result I am very bloated. Time to drink more water.

I'm excited to try the English Cucumbers that are growing. They were planted a couple weeks behind this variety in Trellis town but they are catching up quite nicely. I prefer the skin and crunch of the English Cucumbers. This variety I tend to peel because I dislike the texture of the skin.

There is something very satisfying about sitting next to growing things and just breathing in the beauty of this life.

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