Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Growing Salads with Love

There is something about this angle of my garden that brings me comfort. This is the angle of the garden that I see from my home, perhaps I enjoy it so much because it is familiar. In a way, it is like observing the part of me that is nurturing and connected to the soil. It bring me great joy to grow things.

I am really happy to see that the oregano is recovering from the winter cat attacks. It is flourishing so well that I think I will be able to grow my oregano bed next summer. I would love to have an abundance of freshly grown oregano. 

Earlier in the season I had been a little worried about this pot of chives that had been growing indoors all winter. They were growing much slower then the chives that I had planted in the small garden bed. They are finally starting to thicken a look healthy. 

I've got lettuce planted everywhere. This is one of the heads that is planted amongst the carrots in the small house bed. I am going to make so many salads this summer and I am thrilled.

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