Friday, June 22, 2012

Urban Gardening; Fighting the Darkness and Felines

Crystal's note for the lovelies: I thought it would be interesting to have my dear friend Jessi write a guest post about Urban Gardening.  She has been living in Halifax, Nova Scotia  for nearly a year now and it is a little more challenging to garden in the urban jungle. If this goes well perhaps I can twist her writing arm again in the future, I present to you all... Jessi Nicole

'Urban gardening; fighting the darkness and felines

This is the first time I’ve done a guest blog; my name is Jessi, I’m a band mate

and “seestor” to Crystal and I’m an aspiring committed blogger. ;) Last year I decided to leave my beautiful sea-side home in the country, just down the road from Cryss, and I moved to the city to finish my degree. Like any change this move brought with it some very interesting adjustments. One thing I’m still getting used to is the difference between rural VS urban gardening. I can’t tell you how I miss my rows of dirt; weeds, slugs and all. But I have finally started bringing some plants into my bachelor apartment and I feel better already! I have a few extra challenges: my apartment is the basement level of a home so my natural light is quite limited, and I also own two cats (Loki and Bellatrix) who believe they are fully entitled to anything that enters this apartment, as this picture of my poor aloe plant demonstrates. I will say, ol’ Alfred is one determined succulent.

I was also given a beautiful African Violet plant and 4 strawberry plants within the last few weeks. The African Violet is doing beautifully, despite the fact that Bellatrix can’t seem to stop cuddling up to it (If you look closely, you can see her fur attached to some of the petals and leaves).

The strawberry plants were a bit iffy and I am really hoping to salvage them; one in particular seems to be the strongest. Not only does it have a few berries coming along but the other morning I noticed they are turning from white to red! This pleases me, and I hope I can love and mend the other three so they also give up their delicious fruit prizes of love and thankfulness.

Last but not least, Crystal had given me one of her blue potatoes (see her post Wide Rows and Blue Potatoes) on my last visit home. I’ve put him in a cloth sac with some really great soil and his roots are just-a takin’ off; won’t be long ‘til I can move him to a more permanent pot.

I’m finding more urban gardening tips every day and feeling very encouraged. This is a good start to a collection I can see quickly expanding, especially once I build myself some vertical pallet gardens…
I am a recovering SAAAB-oholic. Oh, you’re unfamiliar with the term? A “start and abandon a blog- oholic” is one who, like me, has the best of intentions. '


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