Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tiny Packet of Slug Doom

So yesterday evening, I happened to kneel down at my tiny house side garden bed, hours after I had finished gardening. I thought I seen something affix itself to one of my tiny carrot plants. Upon closer inspection and with the aid of my camera (hate to miss a good photo opportunity), I noticed that a hungry little slug was having a good munch on one of my carrot tops. Little bugger... I caught him in the act.

Having a good little munch. 
As I'm taking the photos, Mat tells me that he figures I'm the only person he knows that things these little things are cute. Certain insects I really do feel bad about killing.... I want to deter these slimy folk, have them move the village. Where this is so close to the house I'm concerned about the smell of compost if I could to deter them with the compost piles. Not that it would be any worse than the smell of kitty carnage land when she brings home her headless presents. Ugh.

So, this photo prompted a debate between me and the meestor about whether or not slugs have teeth. He argued no, I argued yes. I am pleased to announce, after painstaking research, mockery; and a multitude of contrasting opinions. Slugs DO have teeth... in fact they have thousands of them. I also found a neat little page with fascinating slug facts. It is more pertinent to Europe than it is North America but I'm pretty sure much of the facts remain the same. 

Poor little carrot top...

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