Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Water Dampens the Soil, Not My Spirits

I try and check my garden immediately after any rain storm. It gives me the opportunity to check for any damage that might have been caused by the weather. I frequently find uprooted plants from porcupines and other creatures mucking about my garden; having a tasty munch. The incidents arise after storms when the air is fresh and the rain has washed away the scent of predators. While I was outside I snapped a few shots of the babies. 

Here is a bean sprout that just recently surfaced in the garden. He is planted right next to a corn plant. I will be training the bean plant to climb up the corn stalk. 

Fresh droplets of rain.
The very first year I grew a garden we had an abundance heat and it was a dry summer. It was perfect growing conditions for a flourishing row of tomatoes. Unfortunately, the next year brought sadness to all of the Tomatoes. They sprouted happily and then died... all of them. It was far too cold. This year looks quite promising for the tomatoes.

I started constructing a fence for the peas. I have the posts in the ground and I have the actual pea fence. I just haven't tacked it upon the posts. They will soon need the added support. 

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