Monday, June 25, 2012

The Garden Times - All the While We Grow

Potatoes grow with very little work. Most of the work really goes into preparing the soil with the essential nutrients and making sure that the soil is fluffy enough for the potatoes to grow spaciously. They are usually the first plants in the garden to grow. Unfortunately they bloom early and the leaves die off when everything else in the garden is just beginning to flourish. So, they haven't quite mastered perfect timing in this symphony of growth and beauty; at least they keep well in the ground. 

Proud and Strong

I love eating fresh radishes from the garden. I could nibble on them all day, they make me a little gassy though. It is probably better that I don't actually nibble on them all day, it might cause me a little unnecessary pain. They are so tasty and I really enjoy the spicy after taste. As a child, I used to eat the spicy skin first and then cool my mouth off with the refreshing white globe. Sometimes it is fun to do things as you would when you were a child. There is something very reward to the spirit to bask in the simple pleasures. I wish I could plant them continuously all season long, unfortunately when the days grow shorter I won't be able to grow them any more. I tried once... even though I knew I wouldn't yield any results. The greens grow fine, so you would have some bitter salad greens but no radish root.

Red, delicious, gleaming globes of splendor.

I haven't had a lot of luck growing spinach successfully in the past. This year, I only had a single plant that grew. This is the most successful I have ever been. I attribute my lack of success to a bad pack of seeds and possible inadequate soil conditions in the past. I recently bought another pack of seeds from a more reputable company and hopefully they will sprout. In the meantime, the spinach plant in the tiny garden is growing wonderfully. It has also been less prone to attacks since I have been luring the slugs away with bits of fresh veggie compost.

When I grow up, I want to be a Greek Salad.

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