Sunday, June 24, 2012

#Review - Raw Honey Sticks @littleguyhoney

Williams Honey Farm is based in Franklin, Tennessee. They raise their bees without the use of harsh chemicals or antibiotics. They sent me this package of pure Raw Honey Sticks. It has been said that eating a teaspoon of raw honey a day will help boost the immune system and potentially even provide relief to those with allergies. Many people swear by homemade concoctions including honey, ginger/cayenne, onions and lemon juice.  

These packages of Raw Honey Sticks contain 15 straws, each are filled with 1 tsp of Raw Honey. So if you were looking to get a teaspoon of quality honey filled with delicious enzymes these raw honey sticks would be an adequate 2 week supply. The taste of the honey is bolder than store bought honey and I love the natural sweetness. In the moment, I wished that the straw was never ending so I could eternally taste the sweet nectar. I am reminded of the sugar straws I would get at the store as a child, although these are actually good for you. 

The package design sure looks spiffy. These Raw Honey Sticks would make wonderful gifts for a lover of homemade things. Someone who has been taking strides towards a healthier lifestyle would also appreciate a gift like this. They can ship up to 4 packs of Honey Sticks for the price of one. This is certainly something to consider when making a purchase. It makes sense to purchase a 2 month supply at once.

Disclaimer: I received a package of Raw Honey Sticks from Williams Honey Farm for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and I based upon my own personal product experience. I received no additional compensation for this post.

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