Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mountainous Sprouts and a Garden Kingdom

This is what my garden looks like currently. I started placing hay between the rows to keep the weeds down but I ran out so I will need to wait until we trim our ditches. We usually wait until the end of June to trim them because it the growth of grass slows down.


Here is the best looking cucumber plant I have right now. One of the leaves got nibbled on a few weeks ago but it is my fastest growing cucumber plant right now. 

It is nice to see the lettuce thriving in the big garden this year. Last year it would only grow up by the house. I think the soil in the big garden might have been a little too acidic for it to grow well last year. 

I am very happy that I have broccoli growing in my garden this year. It is one of my favorite vegetables and for some reason I neglected to plant it each year.  They just recently sprouted and I am so excited to watch it grow.

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