Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blossoms Sugar Scrub is Hubby Approved!

Last week, I reviewed a Sugar Scrub from Bella Lume Home and Spa. It has pretty much become a bath time essential for me and it is great to keep my sun dried skin hydrated and fresh in the warm months. Last night, the meestor tried it for the first time during his shower.

I should add that he has spent the last few days fixing the radiator and flushing out the transmission fluid in our vehicle. We own an Acura MDX, we bought it second hand quite recently. It has 7 passenger seating so it is great for touring and our family lifestyle. Unfortunately, the radiator burst at the foot of our driveway last week. Mat - jack of all trades extraordinaire - has spent the last few days wearing his mechanic hat and getting the big job done! Needless to say his hands have been filthy. 

During his shower he used some of the Blossoms Sugar Scrub to clean all the grime off of his hands. Not only were they free from grease but they smelled so good! He came running downstairs after to let me know I had to write an update and tell everyone that he approved of this product. It was a "Stop the Press" moment.

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