Saturday, June 30, 2012

Homemade: Lavender Vinegar

I received some Food Grade Lavender from LL Farms on Etsy. We are going to start off by making a Lavender Infused Vinegar that we can use in various other recipes. 

I covered the bottom of a medium sized mason jar with about half an inch of lavender. You can add more/less depending on how strong you want the end solution to be. 

I filled the rest of the jar with White Vinegar and the sealed it shut. Time to put it away in a cool dark place for a couple of week to really bring out the flavor. In two weeks this lavender vinegar will be ready to enhance other recipes, including some that may surprise you.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free, I was not required to say nice things about it. This post is based on my personal product experience.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Water Dampens the Soil, Not My Spirits

I try and check my garden immediately after any rain storm. It gives me the opportunity to check for any damage that might have been caused by the weather. I frequently find uprooted plants from porcupines and other creatures mucking about my garden; having a tasty munch. The incidents arise after storms when the air is fresh and the rain has washed away the scent of predators. While I was outside I snapped a few shots of the babies. 

Here is a bean sprout that just recently surfaced in the garden. He is planted right next to a corn plant. I will be training the bean plant to climb up the corn stalk. 

Fresh droplets of rain.
The very first year I grew a garden we had an abundance heat and it was a dry summer. It was perfect growing conditions for a flourishing row of tomatoes. Unfortunately, the next year brought sadness to all of the Tomatoes. They sprouted happily and then died... all of them. It was far too cold. This year looks quite promising for the tomatoes.

I started constructing a fence for the peas. I have the posts in the ground and I have the actual pea fence. I just haven't tacked it upon the posts. They will soon need the added support. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

#Review - Righteously Raw Chocolate

There is a company called Righteously Raw and they produce bars that are both delicious and nutritious. Made with Raw ingredients these bars are Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan and Kosher. They have no refined sugars and it are Soy free. I was very happy to learn that their products contain no gmo's.

I received the Maqui Rose Bar and the Acai Cacao Bar from Righteously Raw to review for all of you lovely people. The Acai Cacao Bar is made with 80% dark chocolate. The middle layer of the bar is crafted with Organic freeze dried acai berries, so smooth; and it perfectly compliments the chocolate. The result is a deliciously bitter and healthy treat that melts in your mouth. I find it interesting that one of the ingredients is Himalayan Pink Salt, it stands out in my mind because I don't see that on labels very often. Raw Agave Nectar was used as a sweetener and it is very low on the glycemic index. This bar has an Orac score of 44,220.

The Maqui Rose Bar is a sweet tasting blend of raspberry, beet, chocolate and rose. I really thought that this was going to be my least favorite of the two bars I was sent when I was informed which flavors I would receive in the mail. Boy, was I wrong. The inside layer was a lovely truffle made with maqui berry, a super food that is very high in antioxidants and is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. It was interesting to learn that the maqui berry is high in cancer fighting Anthocyans and Poly-Phenols. The bar was made in an allergen and nut free chocolate factory. There are approximately 3 servings per bar.

Disclaimer: I received 2 different flavors of Righteously Raw bars to try out and express my honest opinion. This review is based upon my honest experience with the product. Your experience may differ from my own.

Mountainous Sprouts and a Garden Kingdom

This is what my garden looks like currently. I started placing hay between the rows to keep the weeds down but I ran out so I will need to wait until we trim our ditches. We usually wait until the end of June to trim them because it the growth of grass slows down.


Here is the best looking cucumber plant I have right now. One of the leaves got nibbled on a few weeks ago but it is my fastest growing cucumber plant right now. 

It is nice to see the lettuce thriving in the big garden this year. Last year it would only grow up by the house. I think the soil in the big garden might have been a little too acidic for it to grow well last year. 

I am very happy that I have broccoli growing in my garden this year. It is one of my favorite vegetables and for some reason I neglected to plant it each year.  They just recently sprouted and I am so excited to watch it grow.

Dead Man's Float

After the rain, I found this insect floating in a water droplet. Pretty sure it isn't swimming... although it is much easier to appreciate the beauty when you imagine it doing the backstroke.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Garden Times - All the While We Grow

Potatoes grow with very little work. Most of the work really goes into preparing the soil with the essential nutrients and making sure that the soil is fluffy enough for the potatoes to grow spaciously. They are usually the first plants in the garden to grow. Unfortunately they bloom early and the leaves die off when everything else in the garden is just beginning to flourish. So, they haven't quite mastered perfect timing in this symphony of growth and beauty; at least they keep well in the ground. 

Proud and Strong

I love eating fresh radishes from the garden. I could nibble on them all day, they make me a little gassy though. It is probably better that I don't actually nibble on them all day, it might cause me a little unnecessary pain. They are so tasty and I really enjoy the spicy after taste. As a child, I used to eat the spicy skin first and then cool my mouth off with the refreshing white globe. Sometimes it is fun to do things as you would when you were a child. There is something very reward to the spirit to bask in the simple pleasures. I wish I could plant them continuously all season long, unfortunately when the days grow shorter I won't be able to grow them any more. I tried once... even though I knew I wouldn't yield any results. The greens grow fine, so you would have some bitter salad greens but no radish root.

Red, delicious, gleaming globes of splendor.

I haven't had a lot of luck growing spinach successfully in the past. This year, I only had a single plant that grew. This is the most successful I have ever been. I attribute my lack of success to a bad pack of seeds and possible inadequate soil conditions in the past. I recently bought another pack of seeds from a more reputable company and hopefully they will sprout. In the meantime, the spinach plant in the tiny garden is growing wonderfully. It has also been less prone to attacks since I have been luring the slugs away with bits of fresh veggie compost.

When I grow up, I want to be a Greek Salad.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

#Review - Raw Honey Sticks @littleguyhoney

Williams Honey Farm is based in Franklin, Tennessee. They raise their bees without the use of harsh chemicals or antibiotics. They sent me this package of pure Raw Honey Sticks. It has been said that eating a teaspoon of raw honey a day will help boost the immune system and potentially even provide relief to those with allergies. Many people swear by homemade concoctions including honey, ginger/cayenne, onions and lemon juice.  

These packages of Raw Honey Sticks contain 15 straws, each are filled with 1 tsp of Raw Honey. So if you were looking to get a teaspoon of quality honey filled with delicious enzymes these raw honey sticks would be an adequate 2 week supply. The taste of the honey is bolder than store bought honey and I love the natural sweetness. In the moment, I wished that the straw was never ending so I could eternally taste the sweet nectar. I am reminded of the sugar straws I would get at the store as a child, although these are actually good for you. 

The package design sure looks spiffy. These Raw Honey Sticks would make wonderful gifts for a lover of homemade things. Someone who has been taking strides towards a healthier lifestyle would also appreciate a gift like this. They can ship up to 4 packs of Honey Sticks for the price of one. This is certainly something to consider when making a purchase. It makes sense to purchase a 2 month supply at once.

Disclaimer: I received a package of Raw Honey Sticks from Williams Honey Farm for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and I based upon my own personal product experience. I received no additional compensation for this post.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Urban Gardening; Fighting the Darkness and Felines

Crystal's note for the lovelies: I thought it would be interesting to have my dear friend Jessi write a guest post about Urban Gardening.  She has been living in Halifax, Nova Scotia  for nearly a year now and it is a little more challenging to garden in the urban jungle. If this goes well perhaps I can twist her writing arm again in the future, I present to you all... Jessi Nicole

'Urban gardening; fighting the darkness and felines

This is the first time I’ve done a guest blog; my name is Jessi, I’m a band mate

and “seestor” to Crystal and I’m an aspiring committed blogger. ;) Last year I decided to leave my beautiful sea-side home in the country, just down the road from Cryss, and I moved to the city to finish my degree. Like any change this move brought with it some very interesting adjustments. One thing I’m still getting used to is the difference between rural VS urban gardening. I can’t tell you how I miss my rows of dirt; weeds, slugs and all. But I have finally started bringing some plants into my bachelor apartment and I feel better already! I have a few extra challenges: my apartment is the basement level of a home so my natural light is quite limited, and I also own two cats (Loki and Bellatrix) who believe they are fully entitled to anything that enters this apartment, as this picture of my poor aloe plant demonstrates. I will say, ol’ Alfred is one determined succulent.

I was also given a beautiful African Violet plant and 4 strawberry plants within the last few weeks. The African Violet is doing beautifully, despite the fact that Bellatrix can’t seem to stop cuddling up to it (If you look closely, you can see her fur attached to some of the petals and leaves).

The strawberry plants were a bit iffy and I am really hoping to salvage them; one in particular seems to be the strongest. Not only does it have a few berries coming along but the other morning I noticed they are turning from white to red! This pleases me, and I hope I can love and mend the other three so they also give up their delicious fruit prizes of love and thankfulness.

Last but not least, Crystal had given me one of her blue potatoes (see her post Wide Rows and Blue Potatoes) on my last visit home. I’ve put him in a cloth sac with some really great soil and his roots are just-a takin’ off; won’t be long ‘til I can move him to a more permanent pot.

I’m finding more urban gardening tips every day and feeling very encouraged. This is a good start to a collection I can see quickly expanding, especially once I build myself some vertical pallet gardens…
I am a recovering SAAAB-oholic. Oh, you’re unfamiliar with the term? A “start and abandon a blog- oholic” is one who, like me, has the best of intentions. '

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blossoms Sugar Scrub is Hubby Approved!

Last week, I reviewed a Sugar Scrub from Bella Lume Home and Spa. It has pretty much become a bath time essential for me and it is great to keep my sun dried skin hydrated and fresh in the warm months. Last night, the meestor tried it for the first time during his shower.

I should add that he has spent the last few days fixing the radiator and flushing out the transmission fluid in our vehicle. We own an Acura MDX, we bought it second hand quite recently. It has 7 passenger seating so it is great for touring and our family lifestyle. Unfortunately, the radiator burst at the foot of our driveway last week. Mat - jack of all trades extraordinaire - has spent the last few days wearing his mechanic hat and getting the big job done! Needless to say his hands have been filthy. 

During his shower he used some of the Blossoms Sugar Scrub to clean all the grime off of his hands. Not only were they free from grease but they smelled so good! He came running downstairs after to let me know I had to write an update and tell everyone that he approved of this product. It was a "Stop the Press" moment.

Monday, June 18, 2012

#Review: Golden Earth Body Wash and Massage Lotion

I received a sample of each of scent of aromatherapy body wash from Golden Earth: Tranquility, Fresh and Love

Fresh: Organic Aromatherapy Body Wash in Neroli - I've always appreciated the uplifting scent of Neroli. I think the fact that it is so uplifting also makes fresh a state of mind and not just a physical feeling or smell. The only thing that bothers me about the scent is that it kind of reminds me of cleaners with orange oil in it a little bit.

Tranquility: Organic Aromatherapy Body Wash in Sandalwood and Cedarwood - The combination of these two scents is like a sultry sedative. It transports you to this peaceful state of bliss. As I inhale the scent deep, the kids became further away and I found myself submersed in the aroma.

Love: Organic Aromatherapy Body Wash in  Rose, Jasmine and Lavender - This is a very romantic and appropriately named scent. It reminds of me of lovingly frolicking in a feild of flowers when they smell at their absolute sweetest. The hints of rose remind me of being at the beach and catching a whiff of the the wild roses mixed in with the salty ocean air and sand.

With my least favorite being the uplifting and fresh Neroli, I had a very difficult time picking a favorite between the Tranquility scent and the Love scent. Both of the blends are pretty incredible and toy with my senses in just the right way. Oh and these gentle, mild body washes also do a great job at cleaning the body.

Illumination: Aroma-free Organic Massage Cream - When it comes to massages, I prefer aroma free creams or oils. This way the client can pick a scent that gives them what they need aromatically. It is very light and non-greasy. It absorbs a little quicker than I would like but it still allows for a nice glide without dragging the skin.

Disclaimer: I received samples of these products for the purpose of my honest review. All opinions are my own and your experience with these products may differ from my own.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

#Review - Shikakai Hair Wash and Morrocan Lava Clay @RawGaia

What goes on your skin gets absorbed by your whole body. That statement is the foundation of Raw Gaia. They sell products that are 100% pure and alive with nutrients; food for your skin. You will not find any toxins, fillers or chemicals in any of their products.

I received 2 products from Raw Gaia to review for you lovelies. Shikakai (aka 'fruit for the hair') is made a small shrub-like tree called 'Acacia Concinna'. It is wild crafted in Central India where it is warm and dry. When harvested, the fruit pods, leaves and bark of the plant are sun-dried and powdered. The Shikakai Hair Wash is a natural shampoo powder that works especially well for dark hair as it darkens the hair slightly. It would be excellent for me in the winter months but not in the summer, the red and blond are fierce in my hair in the summer months. The powder doesn't strip away the natural moisture of the hair. Because of this there is an adjustment period needed if you are transitioning from chemically laden hair products. I found that near my I had oil from the my scalp that was slowly working its way down the roots. This was great at the tips because it was drying out horribly. It was actually quite soft and beautiful near the bottom where it was a little more balanced. I would to set aside a week or more where I didn't need to go anywhere to allow my hair the time to balance out its natural oils. It was very strange for my hair to feel both clean and oily at the same time. Otherwise the product was amazing at taking taking care of the odd flaky or dry patch and did a remarkable job at detangling my hair.

Moroccan Lava Clay (aka Rhassoul Clay) has been used for over hundreds of years to exfoliate, cleanse and detoxify the skin. It is high in minerals and has the ability to draw out excess oils from the skin. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti microbial and antiseptic properties. On a normal day, I have combination skin. My cheeks, nose and chin are normally oily and my face gets a little dry around my eye brows. I added water with water As soon as the water hit the powder it was like cotton in my palm, although that changed as soon as it was mixed properly. I applied it to my face and I took care to keep the mask damp. After leaving it on for the allotted period of time, I rinsed it all off and found my skin felt tremendously soft and smooth. This mask is incredibly versatile and can be used as a face/body mask or face/body cleanser by adding additional water until it is the same consistency as liquid soap. It can also be used as a shampoo/conditioner and I have yet to try it this way although I am extremely intrigued. I have long hair so it recommended that I utilize between 50 - 100g and that the consistency should be similar to a standard shampoo. I can optionally add 1tsp of rosehip or olive oil for added conditioning. Raw Gaia offers many great products; but the one important thing to remember is that your skin/hair will need to detoxify and balance if you are transitioning from the chemical world.

Disclaimer: I received these products for the purpose of my honest review. All opinions are my own and based upon my own experience. Your experience will vary.

Friday, June 15, 2012

#BookReview: The True Nature of Tarot

When I was younger I had a deck of cards that I inherited from my mother. The deck just kept showing up in my room and eventually she gifted them to me. It was a classic 'White Rider' (My nickname for my Rider Waite deck) deck and over the years I have found it to go missing for extended periods of time. Sometimes they would vanish when I was interested in exploring them. They would turn up later at the bottom of my closet under a mountain of clothes completely scattered - that was the most extreme and to this day I feel strongly that I should have read them. Unfortunately, I didn't think of it at the time.

I have never really resonated with traditional explanations in regards to tarot. I often have felt that many Tarot books try to force the symbolism. I have felt that because of this things would get left out of the reading  on account of symbolic reliance. The interpretation of that symbolism varied from person to person on account of personal experiences. So, when I would attempt to read a spread, I would often solely attempt to interpret the energy of the person as it interacted with the symbolic imagery.

In the first section of 'The True Nature of Tarot', Diane Wing, M.A. attempts to break down the Hollywood Occultism surrounding what it means to be physic, or 'In Tune with the more sensitive aspects of your environment' as I like to say. Simple put, it is to have an acute or heightened awareness. Diane spends a great deal of the first section of the book talking about the Universal Energy, how we receive and transmit information between us. She also talks about proper grounding techniques because working with energy (and certain people) can be very draining. In fact, I discovered that I do all of these techniques quite frequently and naturally when needed. This naturally satisfied my ego.

One thing that really resonated with me was when Diane wrote of spending too much time focusing on the validity of what she was expressing to the client, rather than just say what comes to mind regardless of whether it makes sense or not. She has stated that if the reading is accurate the client will understand it whether it makes sense to the person giving the reading. I can't help but link this to my previous thought about card symbolism.

Diane has written helped me realize something. The symbolism is best served when it is perceived in much of the same way as dream symbolism is to the dreamer. While the language is universal, all of us have had a different realm of experiences, successes and traumas. On account of this, our relationship with each of these symbolic images is different. This is what makes the interpretation so vast and personal. To Diane Wing, thank you for that insight. It allowed me to open up and appreciate your explanations of the major and minor arcana. I appreciated the section on ethics as well as the helpful advice on how to choose a practitioner.

Disclaimer: I received this book for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own and based upon my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

#Review - @AvenaBotanicals - Mother's Blessing Tea and Heal-All Salve

I love sitting outside with a cup of tea... I love tea period. I used to be a big coffee drinker back in the day... extreme, especially when I went back to school. It helped me edit videos round the clock sometimes. Over the years, I switched over to tea and now only drink coffee socially from time to time with the ladies. I drink lots of black tea but I have a strong love for the herbal variety, especially teas of the mint variety.

I received a bag of Mother's Blessing Tea from Avena Botanicals. Avena has a wide assortment of natural  products for both mother and baby. This tea is mineral rich and does provide support for healthy milk production for nursing mothers. I can certainly tell you that it is delicious and has a very garden fresh and earthy taste. As soon as I opened the bag, I closed my eyes and breathed in the loose tea deeply and imagined myself walking through a flourishing herb garden or pasture filled with useful herbs. This tea actually inspired me to learn more about nettles. I think I may write a 'Herbal Highlights' post on the Wave of Love about them. This tea is made from Red Raspberry leaves, Peppermint, Blessed Thistle, Nettles and Fennel. You can taste the mint immediately but it doesn't linger. It is replaced with the taste of the Raspberry leaves with a touch of fennel. This tea should be avoided by pregnant women. 

I also received a couple of salves, the 'Heal-All Salve' and the 'Baby Bum Herbal Salve'. Since, I don't have a baby I am saving that balm for a giveaway on the main Music and Mommies page later in the week. The Heal-All Salve is made with Organic Olive Oil that has been infused with Organic Comfrey root and leaf, Organic Calendula flowers, fresh Organic St. John's wart flowers, Organic Alfalfa, Organic Basil and Organic Borage leaf,  Organic Red Clover leaf and flower, fresh Organic Plantain leaf. It also contains Beeswax, Balm of Gilead extract, Self -Heal flower essence. The Salve smells wonderful. It also has a very herbal and earthy pasture smell to it. I put it on a couple bites and notice an immediate cooling/soothing feeling. It offers a nice protective coating to a mild scrape or bite.

As per usual, these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and these products aren't intended to replace medical advise or treatment.

Disclaimer: I received some products from Avena Botanicals to review. All opinions are honest and based upon my personal product experience. Your experience may differ. This review is in conjunction with Music and Mommies.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wide Rows and Blue Potatoes

The very first year I began my garden, I had a very small garden patch. My garden consisted of 5 narrow rows; and 2 of these rows were occupied by potatoes. The very next year, my garden plot was much larger and I had initially planted 2 narrow rows of potatoes. A week had gone but and it occurred to me that if I widened my rows and made the walking paths narrower, I could nearly double the amount of potato plants I could grow in the same space.

While widening your rows does decrease the yield per plant by about 25 percent, twice the number of plants still equals more potatoes. Another benefit to planting in wide rows is that as the plants grow, they shade the soil so it doesn't have to be watered as much. Since our well often goes dry late summer/early fall, it makes practical sense for me to widen my rows. This year, most of my rows are wide. I have two rows of peas in a wide row... I even have the odd potato plant in between the pea plants. I have a very wide row that takes up almost half of the garden's width, filled with potatoes. I have another wide row with lettuce and broccoli. The widest row is for my potatoes. I can fit approximately 3 narrow rows worth of potatoes in the space that 2 rows would normally consume. I have 3 different varieties of potatoes growing, with the first planting showing now. The last potatoes planted were blue potatoes. I'm really excited to see the leaves of the blue potato plants.

#Review - Yogi Teas for Wellbeing

As I'm writing this review it is a beautiful sunny afternoon. I've been chased out of the house by the musical tastes of my nearly 13 year old boy. I edge my blanket further away, creating additional distance between the house and my ears, as I bring a cup of tea to my lips.

If you haven't had a chance to browse the website for Yogi Tea, I recommend having a quick visit. They have a section with yoga poses on their website. I also appreciate the complete ingredient listing as well as a tea icon indicating which teas contain this ingredient. Each of their teas were created with well being and harmony in mind. I received 2 different varieties of Yogi Tea to sample and review, 'Lemon Ginger' and 'Chai Rooibos'.

The Lemon Ginger was probably my favorite of the 2 primarily because I am a vocalist and the Lemon is great for my throat; because of this fact I reach for a cup of Lemon Ginger much more frequently then the Chai Rooibos. Ginger is widely known for it's digestive properties and the two combined are powerful when it comes to breaking down excessive mucus. I am used to occasionally drinking ginger infusions made from fresh ginger root; because of this the ginger might have been a bit too mild for my personal taste.

Chai Rooibos recently underwent a name change from Chai Redbush. The tea is very delicious, although I personally find it a little heavy on the cloves. If I remember correctly, at least one of you out there reading absolutely adores cloves. Like most other Chai teas, I enjoy this one with a little almond milk. This tea includes stevia as the final ingredient, because of this I find it sweet enough on its own.

Disclaimer: I received product from Yogi Tea for the purpose of my honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are based upon my own personal product experience. Your experience may differ. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tiny Packet of Slug Doom

So yesterday evening, I happened to kneel down at my tiny house side garden bed, hours after I had finished gardening. I thought I seen something affix itself to one of my tiny carrot plants. Upon closer inspection and with the aid of my camera (hate to miss a good photo opportunity), I noticed that a hungry little slug was having a good munch on one of my carrot tops. Little bugger... I caught him in the act.

Having a good little munch. 
As I'm taking the photos, Mat tells me that he figures I'm the only person he knows that things these little things are cute. Certain insects I really do feel bad about killing.... I want to deter these slimy folk, have them move the village. Where this is so close to the house I'm concerned about the smell of compost if I could to deter them with the compost piles. Not that it would be any worse than the smell of kitty carnage land when she brings home her headless presents. Ugh.

So, this photo prompted a debate between me and the meestor about whether or not slugs have teeth. He argued no, I argued yes. I am pleased to announce, after painstaking research, mockery; and a multitude of contrasting opinions. Slugs DO have teeth... in fact they have thousands of them. I also found a neat little page with fascinating slug facts. It is more pertinent to Europe than it is North America but I'm pretty sure much of the facts remain the same. 

Poor little carrot top...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

#Review - Bella Lume Spa - #Etsy

Bella Lume Home and Spa is a shop on Etsy that sells a wide assortment of exotic smelling bubble baths, reed diffusers, lip scrubs and floral waters. What I find so striking about this shop is the uniqueness and depth of each individual scent. I received 3 different products from Bella Lume Home and Spa to review

A few months ago a friend of mine had brought over a lips scrub that she had received from Lush. It was bubble gum flavored. Although, I really liked the idea behind using a lip scrub, I found the one my friend owned way too artificial tasting. The Butter Toffee Brown Sugar Lip Scrub is fabulous. I often get chapped or dried lips because we live near the coast and it can be windy around these parts. It only takes a small amount to get the big job done.

Bella Lume Home and Spa sells a wide variety of bubble baths and the one I was sent to review is the Exotic Plumeria Bubble Bath. I must say the scent is quite captivating but I was disappointed with the ingredients used. It is very difficult to find a bubble bath natural/organic ingredients. Part of the reason for that is  Having said that the ingredients did not dry out my skin and it did not smell chemically at all.

The Blossoms Body Scrub is Bella Lume's newest product, it is composed from various blossoms that when blended have the sweetest scent. I love this product so much. I would be thrilled to see this scent in a solid perfume or perfume oil. Many homemade scrubs that I have tried are a little on the greasy side. This one provides an adequate slick of hydration without feeling like you have an additional layer of skin. I stress the important of rinsing off well in the shower afterwards or you just might find little flakes of it lingering on your body later on in the day.

Disclaimer: I received this products for the purpose of this review. I received no additional compensation. My opinion is honest and based upon my own personal experiences with the product. Your opinion may vary. 

Herbal Highlights - #Chives

Chives, a perennial herb that is capable of reaching twelve to eighteen inches in height. The chives poke up through the soil in early spring before most other new growth. The plant produces mauve/blue flower balls beginning in mid summer. If you cut these flowers off early in the season it will continue to grow. It is recommended to leave them later in the season for the foraging bees.

Did you know that for centuries the Chive plant was used to ward off evil and promote psychic powers. Regardless of its past, eating chives has numerous health advantages. It has been reported that eating chives is beneficial to the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems.  In regards to the digestive system, chives helps get rid of bacteria, yeast and fungi along your intestinal track. Chives can also kill over 30 different strains of Salmonella. Chives are loaded with nutrients such as folic acid, potassium and vitamin K.