Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vitasoy Fortified Soy Beverage

The disadvantages of living in a small town is often reflected in limited product supplies at the local grocery store or market place. After some searching, I managed to find Vitasoy at my local Sobey's chapter.  After exchanging the product coupons that I received from Vitasoy for the purpose of this review, I came home with 3 different varieties of Soy Milk: Original, Lite - Original and Vanilla. Out of the three flavors of Vitasoy, the Vanilla was my favorite. It was very smooth and although I find that soy milk has a sweeter taste in general, the sweetness wasn't overbearing at all.

Because I consume soy in other products, I often change up my milk beverages to allow for more variety in my diet. I believe it is important to balance my diet. One thing I have always appreciated with a soy beverage is the consistency of the beverage. It is the most milk-like, non dairy product out of all of them in my experience. I do however appreciate the uniqueness of flavor among all of the different milk substitutes.

I am a heavy tea drinker and although I drink most teas plain, I usually add some kind of milk to a cup of black tea. I noticed that it would curdle slightly when I added it to a cup of tea or even coffee. Naturally, I googled this and as it turns out, it is quite common. It happens because of the temperature extremes between the two liquids. To rectify this many people suggest, warming up the milk you plan on adding to your tea... or adding the hot liquid to the cold and not the other way around. Or, you could forget about your tea like I do... add the milk to it when it is cold and heat them both up again. Plenty of methods to accommodate any mood.

Vitasoy only uses organic soy beans that contain NO genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The soy milk is fortified with calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12. It is high in protein, contains potassium and isoflavones that can help lower your cholesterol.

Canadian citizens can find Vitasoy Canada on Twitter and Facebook.
US citizens can find Vitasoy US on Twitter.

Disclaimer: I received product coupons for the purpose of this review from Vitasoy. No additional compensation was received. All opinions are honest and derive from my experience with the product. Your experience may vary. Originally posted on my primary blog Music and Mommies.

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