Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vans Food - Gluten Free Waffles

As you know, I live in a small town and sometimes it can be difficult to find certain products. I was lucky to find two different flavors of Gluten Free Waffles from Van's Natural Foods, Blueberry and Original. They are Dairy and Egg Free.

They are a little more expensive then most waffles but the quality of ingredients is higher. This expense actually consciously works in my favor. Because I am aware of how costly they are, I have a tendency to to limit my waffle intake to 1 waffle and I am more likely to select healthy, plentiful toppings to allow for a more balanced breakfast. I found that with waffles that were made with refined, lesser quality ingredients; I was reluctant to seek for a topic aside from a cheap sugar syrup and I would often have multiple waffles to fill the void. This resulted in me consuming lots of empty calories.

The texture was certainly denser then other store bought varieties of waffles but no too dense to effect the taste.  My breakfast this morning consisted of a Van's Waffle, with a very light drizzling of ginger syrup, a tablespoon of plain yogurt and some granola with dried fruit. This was topped off with a light dusting of pumpkin and chia seeds. It was absolutely delightful.

You can find Van's Natural Foods on Facebook.

Disclaimer: I received free product coupons from Van's for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and relative to my personal experience. I received no additional compensation for this review. 

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