Thursday, May 31, 2012

John Masters Organics - Skincare @Nubonau

I received various samples from Nubonau: The Natural and Organic Skincare Boutique. Today I am going discuss a couple skincare products from John Masters Organics.

The Linden Blossom Face Creme Cleanser was very thin and I had my doubts about how well it was going to work. It did a fantastic job of hydrating my skin. The smell of rose was very dominant but not over powering, giving it a subtle romantic aroma. I can't get over how much it softened my skin.

The Rose and Apricot Antioxidant Day Creme contains borage oil, aloe vera and Spirulina extract. I didn't know that spirulina nourishes the skin making it an excellent additive to Skincare products. It is also enriched with Apricot, Peach and Rice extract and Oat Kernel to help stimulate pro-collagen production. This is a very light moisturizer. It can be used on normal to dry skin. Considering how much moisture it puts into your skin, I can barely tell it is there. This is a perfect moisturizer to wear underneath your make up, if you wear make up. This gentle moisturizer did not irritate my skin at all.

You can find these products on the Nubonau website. You can also connect with Nubonau on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclaimer: I received product samples from Nubonau: The Natural and Organic Skincare Boutique in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions reflect my personal product experience. Your experience may differ. 


  1. These products sound amazing! I love that the Rose and Apricot Antioxidant Day Creme is light enough to wear under makeup!

    Anne Taylor

  2. I really don't know the spirulina but aloe Vera makes the skin healthy and helps to look younger and nourishes your skin.