Friday, May 25, 2012

Garden Times - The Plot Digger #2

By the time you begin reading this my garden will have been planted for 4 days. I schedule the majority of my posts in advance to accommodate a busy and at times demanding lifestyle.  

The first picture below was taken after a lovely little garden happy friend of mine offered her assistance with a rake on a lovely sunny afternoon that was filled with dirt bikes, barbecues and well... garden happy dirt diggers. We managed to dig out the rest of the garden and makes rows. The next day Mat and I immediately  fertilized and limed the garden. The lime should have been laid in the fall but at least it is in there. The soil is going to be nice and sweet and the plants will be very happy.

The second picture was taken after the garden was fertilized. Mat and I used a fast release 10-10-10 mix. We sifted all of the rows and removed as many rocks as we could. This time when I say "we", I am referring to another garden happy friend who managed to find me and offer her services. The end result is nice fluffy soil. I planted my rows, I still have room for some Broccoli and Chard which I hope to add this week.

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