Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crio Bru - Cocoa That Brews Like Coffee

Crio Bru is 100% Cocoa that brews like Coffee in either a coffee percolator or French Press. Although the cocoa beans are roasted, many of the benefits that are found in the raw bean like high antioxidants and minerals are still found in a cup of Crio Bru. Unlike many other hot beverages on the market, Crio Bru contains little or no caffeine. It does however contain a stimulate that is closely related to caffeine, called Theobromine. It increases energy slowly without the common jitters that occurs with caffeinated beverages. To learn more about the effects of Theobromine and the differences and similarities between it and its cousin caffeine, please refer to Crio Bru's FAQ page

I received the following products from Crio Bru to review. 
The Chocolate Covered Crio Beans are rich, crunchy and delicious. They taste mild and are not bitter like than a coffee bean. The outer chocolate layer is thick and the consistency reminds me slightly of a truffle. They make a wonderful little treat to satisfy that little chocolate craving without overindulging. 

What a lovely French Press!
Crio Bru also carries a line of French Presses. They sent me a 34 oz Bodum Brazil French Press. Having never used one before and was pleased with the simplicity of operation.  I placed a few scoops of Crio Bru at the bottom of the press. I then filled the container up with the desired amount of hot (not boiling) water. Afterwards it was steeped for 4 minutes and then pressed slowly, repeat as desired. 

As you can see the granules are very coarse.
Time to begin pressing the Cocoa
The taste of the both varieties of cocoa was very delicious. It was a nice and refreshing change to have a cup of cocoa in the morning with a light breakfast. I couldn't help but feel a little spoiled... like I was having dessert for breakfast. The cinnamon in the Cavella Dark Roast was a pleasing addition to the flavor of the brew. It blended well with the subtle hint of coconut.

My husband has taken a liking to both varieties. He is the larger coffee drinker out of the both of has and enjoys mixing a blend of coffee and Crio Bru. It is nice to see him cut down on his caffeine intake and replace parts of it with something so healthy and delicious. While the Vega Real and Cavella Dark Roast are both great on their own, I really enjoy it with a variety of different milk substitutes. They specify on the website that it tastes wonderful with cream as well.

Disclaimer: I received all of the products above for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All product information was derived from the company website and all opinions are my own and based upon my experience. Your experience may differ. 

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  1. thanks for the review! I was looking at coffee alternatives and may have to try this!