Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Burt's Bees - Sensitive Facial Cleaner

I am a Bzz Agent and I have been since 2009. I was really excited when I was accepted into the Burt's Bees campaign. The company has a very transparent approach to natural products and they commit to never use any ingredient that has any potential health risks. In fact Burt's Bee's states on their 'Our Commitment' page on their website that they feel natural personal care products manufacturer have the responsibility to fully disclose their ingredients and any associated risks so the consumers can make the most informed decisions about the products they use.

I received the Burt's Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser to review. The product is made from some interesting ingredients and naturally I felt the need to research these products a bit. Specifically cotton extract, cotton extract often leaves the skin feeling very soft and silky and companies have a tendency to use it because it is generally less expensive. Burt's Bee's states that it also minimizes the effect of potential irritants and harsh soaps. While reading up about cotton extract, I also discovered that it is often avoided in sensitive skin products because of the high incidents of pesticides often by many manufacturers. Naturally, I begin to wonder about how pure the source of cotton extract is even with a company of such high integrity. But this product is hypoallergenic and designed to provide zero irritation.

The Burt's Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser comes in a tube and is a very thick unscented cream. When I use the product I feel the effects of the cotton, it is as though every single one of my facial pores has cotton mouth... probably one of the reasons I am so fixated by it at this point. The product does work well but I do recommend following up with a nice hydrating moisturizer. 

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for reviewing this product. I did however earn a few mypoints and some day I will be able to exchange them for a gift card. All opinions are honest and belong to me. 

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